‘They Wear The Red & Green’ tells the story of a sporting love affair that has been sustained for almost 50 years. The passion of a loyal football fan for his club shines through as the author’s own life-story is interwoven with that of the team of his heart – the Mighty South Sydney Rabbitohs. Scrupulously researched, this book records how it once was in the game of Rugby League how it became and, ultimately, a timeless truth – that a true fan never flinches, no matter how hard the times might get.
A great story, befitting the greatest of all rugby league clubs.
— John Sattler
Great memories of my days playing at Souths.
— Ron Coote
Ryder’s book ... reclaims the lost legions of Rabbitohs heros ... and reminds us that footy is as much about playing as winning.
— SMH, 27 September 2009
... will delight Rabbitohs fans.
— Rugby League Week
South Sydney Marches On….

Glory, Glory to South Sydney
Glory, Glory to South Sydney
Glory, Glory to South Sydney
South Sydney Marches On

When speaking of the champions
One stands above the rest
Of glories old and records proud
When often put to test
Of fine traditions, history
That others cannot best
They wear the RED & GREEN


They mauled the Balmain Tigers
Slew the Dragons from St. George
The Seagulls and the Mounties next
Were crushed with mighty force
They humbled Parramatta
And the Berries in due course
They wear the RED & GREEN


They plucked the Western Magpies
Slashed the Newtown bag of blue
The Eastern Suburbs rooster crowed
And then was conquered too
The greatest name in any game
Within South Sydney grew
They wear the RED & GREEN